Objects are not lining up with their true positions in the sky.

There are a number of possible causes for objects not lining up with their true positions in the sky. First, since Sky Guide needs to know your location to correctly orient the sky, check to make sure Location Services for Sky Guide are turned on. This can be accessed under your device Settings > Privacy > Location Services (Please be assured we do not collect your location information). If you are in an area without a Wi-Fi or data connection, you may need to set your location manually. This can be done in the Sky Guide Main Menu > Location.

Also check to make sure your data and time is set correctly (this can be accessed under your device Settings > General, Date & Time).

If objects are still showing in the wrong positions by large amounts, make sure you are not near any objects that could affect your compass (this potentially includes cases that have magnets). You can also calibrate the compass by waving your device in a sideways figure 8 motion.

Special note for iPad users: If you are using a Wi-Fi only iPad model, please ensure that your automatic coordinates seem reasonable, as Location Services via Wi-Fi are not always reliable. Also, if you are using a third party case or cover with magnets, it might help to remove it during use with Sky Guide.

Compass Correction: If the above steps do not fix persistent inaccuracies with your compass, you can manually offset the compass heading. With the compass turned on, tap and hold anywhere on your screen, then drag left or right. You will see the stars move relative to the horizon. Sky Guide will retain this offset preference for your current session. (This correction routine is mandatory for iPod Touch users).

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