I used to get ISS notifications every night. Why do they now seem sporadic?

Seeing the International Space Station with the naked eye requires three things: the ISS must be overhead, it must be illuminated by the Sun and the sky must be dark enough to see a few stars or planets. In other words, the ISS is only visible in the hours of dusk or dawn, when you are in the Earth’s shadow but the ISS is not.

This narrow window of opportunity for sightings means there might be as few as one visible pass a month, but if conditions are just right you could see a few passes in a week or even two passes in one night.

If you have turned on Satellite Passes in the Sky Guide Main Menu > Notifications then you should receive notifications for the most visible passes. Sky Guide will automatically filter out notifications for passes low on the horizon that, while technically visible, may be too challenging to see.

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