Comets are dynamically generated in Sky Guide with coma and tails that are based on real physics. This lets you not only go back in time to view some of history's greatest comets, but you can also get a sneak peek at what newly discovered comets might look like at their closest approach.

The first step to enjoying comets in Sky Guide is to know when to look. First tap the search button and navigate to Comets. You'll see some of the best comets in this list. Slide one of these left to reveal shortcuts and tap on the info button. Take note of the Perihelion Date. You'll want to set your date in Sky Guide to something near this date because that is when a comet is closest to the Sun. Once your time is set, go back to the comets list and select your comet of interest. The time controls should be visible at the bottom. Change the time or date to see how the comet changes.

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