Augmented Reality

Finding stars, constellations and planets is easier than ever thanks to augmented reality. To activate it, first tap the center compass button to turn motion tracking on. You will then see an AR button appear which toggles the AR mode.

Questions you may have about AR:

Will augmented reality mode work at night?
Yes. Augmented reality mode works great under a blue, daytime sky, but it has also been designed to function under a twilight and even nighttime sky.

The augmented reality constellations sometimes appear patchy against the sky. Can this be improved?
Sky Guide automatically tries to adjust the blending of the constellations with your sky but if the constellations are not appearing quite right, you can use a two-finger up/down gesture to fine-tune the sky blending point. 

Real objects and their corresponding augmented objects are not perfectly aligned. Can this be improved?
We first recommend giving the compass a few moments to settle in. If things are still not lined up, use a touch and hold gesture to activate the Compass Correction option. Then drag left or right to offset the augmented object until it is aligned with the real object. Sky Guide will retain this offset preference for your current session. 

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